The CinemaViewer home page has links to a demo javascript CinemaViewer and sample Cinema databases. Those links begin with Asteroid Impact Volume Rendered Cinema DatabaseOcean Vorticity Cinema Database, VPIC Data OSPRay Volume Rendered Cinema Database Single Viewer or Matrix Viewer and will be added to over time. Click on one of the links to start CinemaViewer in the browser window.

The Asteroid Impact Volume Rendered Cinema Database is a collection of 45,696 png images, each of 1318 x 927 resolution, covering simulation time steps 0 to 475 at theta values of -90, -64, -38, -12, 13, 38, 63, 88 and phi values of -180, -150, -120, -90, -60, -30, 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150. (Theta and phi are spherical coordinates.)  The images total approximately 11GBytes while the non-in situ workflow simulation produced a total of 86TBytes of data. The simulation is described in a SuperComputer 16 Paper and Video and Cinema itself is descriptor in a Supercomputing 14 Paper.

Use the ‘theta’ and ‘phi’ sliders to choose camera positions. Use the third slider, often ‘time’, to step through the data by that variable.

Depending on network bandwidths there may be slight delays as data is loaded from an AWS elastic filesystem to the AWS instance hosting this website and the CinemaViewer demo javascript and transmitted over the Internet to your browser.